Beginners Photography – Guide To Choosing A Suitable Digital Camera!

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Beginners Photography -- Guide To Choosing A Suitable Digital Camera!

Article by Paul Summers

To beginners, photography can be exciting, but buying decisions daunting. With such a vast choice of digital cameras in the marketplace today, it can be tough knowing which type or model to choose. At the end of the day, even a basic camera can require significant investment, and one you need to get right. Describing every feature or recommending a particular model is quite individual and can change as each new camera is produced. However, here is a list of factors you should consider before making your decision and buying your gleaming new digital camera.

Decide what type of pictures you will want to take. Will it be portraits, landscapes, sports, wildlife, macro, for example? Where or when will you use it -- inside, outside, by the light of day or the dark of night? Do you want to learn to control the outcome of your pictures, or are you happy to use auto modes? Do you want to be able to zoom in close, and do you to need to counter the effects of camera shake with image stabilization? Do you want a camera you can pop into your pocket? And what is your budget? List these down and carefully consider your answers.

How many megapixels will you need? Whilst having 10mp or above ultimately gives you ultra-clear images, this will increase cost, and you will need more storage space because of the larger file size. Whilst to some beginners photography seems to be about using maximum megapixels, anything around 5mp is more than adequate if you intend to print images at standard sizes. However, if you intend to move into A4 or larger you would need to consider 10-15 mp for an exceptional standard of clarity.

It also pays to carry out some research. Whilst considering your decisions, read reviews from current editions of digital camera magazines. See what models their experts recommend, and if any of these match up to your requirements and budget.

One thing to remember is that whatever your outlay for your camera, there are undoubtably a few additional peripherals you will require. These can include such basic things as memory cards, a camera case and batteries. If you are aiming at the top end of the market you will also need to think about lenses, filters, tripods and flash units. It pays to shop around as prices can vary, and many retailers offer a range of cameras with a selection of these extras as “bundles”, and buying in this way can make for some considerable bargains.

From the list of points mentioned above, carefully think of your answers and write them down. Beginner’s photography is about selecting the right camera -- don’t go for one that is out of your league. At the same time you want one you can grow into -- always look at least one step ahead, so you can take advantage of any new photography skills you learn along the way. Whether buying online or from your local stockist, having the above answers to hand will assist in making the correct decision.

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