Photography Techniques

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Photography Techniques

Article by Laura James

Photography is graph of creativity, design and fine art capturing through the lens of camera and giving perfect and fine picture through the art of photography. Photography is technically relative aspect and in general we can say photography is used to capture present moments and store it in form of memories to recap the same in future.

The study of Photography is art capacious where all new technics makes their presence in market with its attractive features all the time. There are various types of photography like glamour photography, Photojournalism, Documentary Photograph, Action Photography, Aerial photography, Macrophotography, Portraiture, Art Photography, Microphotography, Underwater Photography etc….Photographers can be of both combinations like professional and amateur photography. Amateur photographers generally interests in macrophotography, whereas the professional photographers are experts in photojournalism.

The style and techniques in photography always changes to the advancement and current standards. The Advanced Photo System refers to the part of 24mm film and this is the standard strategy for still photography. There are three types of Advanced Photo System film that are categorized in three different formats either as “H”, “C” or “p”. Where ‘H’ refers to HDTV format, ‘C’ refers to Classic format, and ‘P’ refers to panoramic format. Except the occasional disposable camera, rest all APS cameras come under this category to record and shoot in each of these formats.

In HDTV and classic mode, the film generally records the pictures in particular aspect ratio which can be recopied in various sizes. Advanced Photo System name itself indicates the progression. And it can record more than image along with visual details of given scene document the date, time, a caption and details related to how the shot was captured (i.e. the particular setting of the shutter speed or aperture).

The film generally records this information in “magnetic IX” or “optical IX” modes. While higher end cameras use the magnetic IX method, less expensive cameras, such as disposable cameras, incline to use the visual IX version of information storage. Because the magnetic IX approach is only available on more expensive cameras, it accurately records more information.

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