Proud Photography – 13 Interactive Photography Lessons

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Proud Photography -- 13 Interactive Photography Lessons

Article by Jonathan Valentine

Proud photography offers an in-depth 13 interactive lessons that will surely get you going. These lessons are specifically designed to ensure that you will learn everything there is to learn in the field of photography. The lessons are divided into the following components:

1. Introduction to Photography

2. Digital Photography

3. Exposure: Shutter Speed

4. Exposure: Aperture

5. Composition

6. Light

7. Shooting Black and White

8. Travel Photography I

9. Travel Photography II

10. Portraits

11. People and Their Environment

12. Insiders’ Tricks and Techniques

13. Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

The components stated above are good for people who are really new in the field of photography. Proud photography have come to realized that there are applicants who have limited or no knowledge at all in photography. Because of this, it cannot be denied that the given syllabus will sure aid the students in learning about everything. It is necessary that Proud photography be able to convey all there is to learn for the applicants in order to prepare them in the field that they are about to embark and to set their expectations as well. The syllabus above is all interactive in nature wherein there are quizzes and other sort of exchange of information process that the applicants can really apply what they have learned and what have been taught through the online classes. This is not all about theories and principles in photography. also provides exposure to the real world of photography that will encourage them to produce quality photos and superb style of photography. All in all, Proud photography courses offer a wide range of lessons that covered the subject of photography.

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