Wedding photography

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Wedding photography

Article by By John B Galt

Photography is used to preserve memories of favorite times, to capture special moments, to tell stories, to send messages, and as a source of entertainment. Photography is both an art and a science. Photography is an art form not unlike painting. Photography is chosen because of its lifestyle and creative outlet. Photography is more amenable to pure visualization than many mediums, and digital photography more so than the wet kind.


Photography as a usable process goes back to the 1820s with the development of chemical photography. Photography allows us to express our feeling and emotions, but to do so we need to master the scientific part of the medium. Photography requires training and specialized knowledge like other trades, but doesn’t require a licence or even a college degree as a profession does. Photography became accepted in art because of its assistance in supplying the growing middle class patronage, therefore fulfilling their urge for immediate images and entertainment.


Wedding photography is similar to other services in that there are people operating at all levels of experience and expertise. Wedding photos are the ones that will remain long after the wedding day is over. People who shoot weddings every single weekend while holding down another job aren’t professional photographers as defined by the camera makers. Advantages of digital wedding photography include faster post-production (no film to scan in digitally), ease for posting online, negatives in the form of a DVD, and more photos that can be taken on the day of the wedding.


Digital photography is photography done using a digital camera. Digital imaging uses an electronic image sensor to record the image as a set of electronic data rather than as chemical changes on film. Digital imaging is rapidly replacing film photography in consumer and professional markets. Digital point-and-shoot cameras have become widespread consumer products, outselling film cameras, and including new features such as video and audio recording. Digital SLRs are quick to operate, but are generally large, heavy and relatively loud. Digital photographs are stored in a computer but paper prints can also be made from digital pictures.

Photography is a way of making a picture using a camera. Photography is probably the most influential medium of the modern era. Photography is not about grains of silver or pixels. Photography is an art form that should not be squelched. The aesthetics of photography is a matter that continues to be discussed regularly, especially in artistic circles.

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